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300 m2


3300 m2


7276 m2


Industrial 1

Self regulating and adjudicating Quality Management System, based upon ISO 9000-2001.


Injection moulding of polymers

Polymers used: 


Machine sizes: 

22 – 330 ton

Shot weight:

1 – 1,760 gms.

No. of machines: 


Machine make:

Negri Bossi

Country of origin:


From inception in 1998, Sizanani committed itself to the principle of empowerment. The four members of the company are:

Glen Leslie Parker. Project Management including material selection and specification, feasibility studies and the costing of all components and liaising with customers engaged in new projects and products. He holds 26% of the equity in Sizanani Plastics.

Resenga Piet Matjabela. His area of responsibility is the manufacturing of plastic components to the required quality specifications and the selection and training of the necessary staff. He holds 26% of the equity in Sizanani.

Steven Parker. He is the financial controller and in addition to the maintenance of the Company’s financial records, he is also responsible for purchasing of out-sourced components and raw materials. He holds 24% of the equity in Sizanani.

Brett Parker. His area of responsibility is production planning for both moulding machines and assembly, with close liaison between himself and the respective managers. Brett is also responsible for the overall Quality Process Control. He holds 24% of the equity in Sizanani.

At Sizanani we are committed to energy efficiency and environmental concerns.

Our policy of recycling our own scrap raw material is in accordance with environmental guidelines and our concern with the ecosystem of our planet. 

In response to the ‘greenhouse’  challenge, we, as manufacturers of plastic products have committed to sourcing only plastic raw material capable of being recycled, and have dedicated resources to ensure the re-entry of our recycled materials into finished products in the most efficient manner possible.

Our future plans include the on-going efforts to reduce our own energy resources and material consumption through advanced methods and reduced emissions by using less intensive energy sources.